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Recent content by 0ss

  1. 0ss

    3D Printed 1*2 Cupholder

    Looks horrible (sorry🤷‍♂️). Can you make it round on the outside? Square it just looks out of place imo. Also have you tested it driving with an open can in?
  2. 0ss

    AG200 Rescue

    Cool pics 👍. @Nik why is all the text grey and virtually invisible in dark mode? 😎 Surely that shouldn't be possible?
  3. 0ss

    Powerflex failure after 3 years???

    Proud to offer lifetime warrenty on all products they manufacture, excluding half the range🤣🤣. At least now you know.
  4. 0ss

    Powerflex failure after 3 years???

    Suey they should last longer than standard bushes, which on most cars would have done 10+ years I expect. Email powerflex and see what they say, their customer service is spot on. They may replace them, which you can then sell on if you find something else you wish to try.
  5. 0ss

    Brake setup

    @George@RTR_Parts @Kev@KAM are the guys to talk to.
  6. 0ss

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Passed a Giallo Lancia Delta Integrale this morning😍. Its been years since I last saw one in the wild.
  7. 0ss

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Probably best to remove them and spray them satin black.
  8. 0ss

    197/200 Brembo Conversion - Wheel Fitment Guide

    The new pure motorsport 280 brackets require a counterbore machining into the caliper 11mm deep, so I think youll be safe to remove a couple more mm if needed.
  9. 0ss

    Mossy's Cars

    He sold it in February👍. Shame to see one with such history destroyed. He should have stayed home!
  10. 0ss

    My ly182

    Ly suits the mk2 best imo. Good purchase 👍.
  11. 0ss

    LY Clio 197 F1

    Nothing ever go's to plan when French assembly is concerned. That's why I'm reluctant to start doing most jobs on my car😂. Also why I own 3 clios🤦‍♂️.
  12. 0ss

    What have you ordered? *Detailing*

    Yup. Unless next doors kids are noisy, then I try the red one😈
  13. 0ss

    Lovely spec 275

    I spotted this car earlier on their Web site, most of their listing says "imported car". Renault's are made in France the last time I looked so...
  14. 0ss

    What have you ordered? *Detailing*

    Yes you do. I keep the nozzles in the bottle doc on thr top of my K4, not lost one yet🤞. And if you just used the normal lance you'd have to swap to your foam lance and back. With this it's quicker to swap.
  15. 0ss

    New RS200

    Welcome aboard. M3 looks rubbish, Clio is much better🤣🤣🤣.