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Recent content by 0ss

  1. 0ss

    MrBlonde's 172 cup

    OMG half a story ffs🙄.
  2. 0ss

    What have you done to your car today ???

    Washed it and also gave the headlamps a quick polish. Makes such a difference!
  3. 0ss

    Best in the UK!

    f**k me, those wheels🙈. What an absolute pellet 🤣🤣🤣
  4. 0ss

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Same issue with my Karcher K4, the hose keeps curling up and it boils my piss😠.
  5. 0ss

    All Pearl Blacks & Black Golds Look....

    Pre winter shot of mine. Wash day today I think.
  6. 0ss

    182 (non cup pack) Suspension refresh sense check

    Track rods OK? New top mounts?
  7. 0ss

    PhillipM Engineered Dogbone - Finally a proper clever solution.

    The powerflex ones just push in with a bit of fairy liquid on. These should be similar.
  8. 0ss

    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    Is that 1.3 a 3 pot? Shame it didn't make it into the twingo!
  9. 0ss

    172 Cup Bought...Finally!

    Stoopid phone.
  10. 0ss

    172 Cup Bought...Finally!

    Why would it mater to you? 🤣
  11. 0ss

    MR2 K-swap Project

    Print a domed end and sell that on Facebook when you're done with it🤣.
  12. 0ss

    172 Cup Bought...Finally!

    It's a scratch that needs itching pal. I went looking for one and bought my first 225 instead all those years ago, took me 11 years to get into a 182🤣.
  13. 0ss

    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    Needs turini's.
  14. 0ss

    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    Body hell, I don't spend that much on her for xmas🤣🤣. Might be next year if she behaves.
  15. 0ss

    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    I think that's the wife's next car sorted then 😂.