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Saving another 172.
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Browsing Facebook last week I stumbled across this. 02 plate flame red 172, been in the family from new. Totally original, hasn’t been messed around with which is becoming almost unheard of now.

it’s been parked up since 2016 and hasn’t turned a wheel since. Was being sold as a non runner.

I quickly messaged the seller and said I’ll have it. Arranged delivery from Essex to Wiltshire for £170 which was pretty good.

The car arrived today, pleasantly surprised at how good it actually is.

Mark 1 Track Car - Trophy Red 172 Project
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Bought this back in October 2013 from Danny-Ace on the forums, he'd ebayed it randomly as a none runner (aux system removed for s/c mock up and all wiring sold) so I snapped it up for a few quid.

Its since sat on stock in a mates lockup since then over Christmas etc with me having little or no time to look at it, until now. Track season is approaching, I've already booked Bedford in May and as of now I have no car to take! so best get going!

No idea how well I'll keep this up to date, knowing me, badly! but I will give it a shot.

So here she is as I bought her back in October, JWC, one of the old valvers I remember from when I got my first one, so sort of a car I always wanted to own after it inspired me to get/modify a mk1 16v Clio.

and sat tucked up


Danny had used the car on track a bit and he's spent a lot of time and effort on the car, its spec is pretty decent and although it was looking a bit sorry for itself when I collected it, I could...
172/182 Guide. Cup Packs/Spec Info
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Thanks to Jenic for putting it together.

For more information on bolt spacing, the only way to tell for sure if your 182 has cup suspension, can be found here >>

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