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  1. Addz

    What's the view on the V6, have they peaked?

    I couldn't sell mine for 10k in 2010 so part X'd it :(
  2. Addz

    Weekend car - Accidental....

    Saw you lot, we were in a Blue 182 and a silver Ph1 on 2118's That's my mate Jon, he was chasing to catch you up then lost 3rd gear... it reappeared later though!
  3. Addz

    Liquid Yellow Clio V6 £59k on Pistonheads

    f***s sake. I couldn't shift mine when I tried for 10k so part Ex'd it. Granted, it was only a poor mans Blue one.
  4. Addz

    Non OEM handbrake cables

    Don't suppose anyone knows the lenghs Ph1 cables should be? I work at a motor factors so can do some digging into what might work.
  5. Addz

    Non OEM handbrake cables

    Different again on Ph1's aren't they? I snapped a mates and tried three different firstline ones and they're no good, Renault have discontinued them too apparently so that's helpful.
  6. Addz

    I'm back with a Clio

    Hah it's a bit of a slag this Clio it seems, which is fine by me!
  7. Addz

    I'm back with a Clio

    Be nice, I know where you live.
  8. Addz

    I'm back with a Clio

    Yep that's me, on my second GP now and had a Exige in between which was a complete pain in the arse.
  9. Addz

    I'm back with a Clio

    It's been a while since I've posted on here but I've found myself in another Clio, I really didn't need another car (I only put 2k on my GP Mini last year) but got offered this at a price I couldn't refuse. Found a few threads on here about the car so looks like its been around a bit, I...
  10. Addz

    RB - marmite spec

    Least this ones got a bonnet ;)
  11. Addz

    Inferno on Rota's

    Pulled up next to you at the lights in forest town on Monday, was in the landy :)
  12. Addz

    Inferno on Rota's

    Ah I thought it was you I saw the other day! They look smart makes the car really stand out
  13. Addz

    So I'm an idiot.

    Lovely :) you always did want one so glad you finally got round to treating yourself! If the exhaust is massive and rusty its standard, anything else will be after-market ;)
  14. Addz

    Vee and trophy

    I skinted myself to get one and ran it for two years everyday whether it was sunny or snowing and loved it :) Yours it still one of my favourites Matt, still got the Orbsoud on it? Made my Quicksilver OMG sound girly :D
  15. Addz

    10 Things You Didn't Know About The Clio 182

    If owned long enough it will effectively turn into a new car with all the parts that you'll need to replace.