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    One of the best Clio Rally car in the uk !!!

    Yes your right it isn't easy to find navigators these days, let alone ones who pay!. Mine used to fall asleep on the drive home from night events, we got stopped by police a few times and he didn't know anything about it, police man always found it amusing tho lol
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    One of the best Clio Rally car in the uk !!!

    I've had the same navigator for 20 plus years but unfortunately his eyes aren't what they were so road rally's are a thing of the past for us. We moved to stage rallying in 2004, we now just pick and choose a few stage events a year.
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    One of the best Clio Rally car in the uk !!!

    Just took this photo from bedroom window. My baby, bought her April 2016, wanted a cheap car to use for stage rallying, unfortunately cage not eligible, can't bring myself to sell her, she's Awesome.
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    First & current hot hatch

    It all began with this phase 1😁
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    PistonHeads Top 10 The Results - we did good :)

    I love my 172 cup. Had one new when they come out. Brillant car. If i had to sell one of my cars it would be last to go
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    LY 182 Values

    When i bought my ly 182 new the price for the paint was 1200. Then the same when i bought my ly 197 f1 R27.
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    LY 182 Values

    No they weren't limited to a Set amount, think it was the extra 1200 quid that put people off when new.
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    Colin MacRaes Subaru

    Funny enough bought mine cheap of e bay. Think it was around 2003. If my memory servs me right i bid £200 ish and i was the only bidder.
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    Colin MacRaes Subaru

    Thats A nice plate, mines on retension now, Sold my Mk2 Focus RS about 2 months ago which the plate was on for about 4 years. It did suit the Car i have to say
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    Colin MacRaes Subaru

    Yep, don't regret it for a second either, went to fetch it with my Son on my 40th birthday, a friend took us to fetch it and me and my Son Came home in it, the Car was like brand new having only covered 7800 miles. It was on a 55 plate and we picked it up on 30th of december 2008. Its a day we...
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    Colin MacRaes Subaru

    I was torn between buying a 22B and a liquid yellow V6 for my Fortieth birthday especially as i had the Number plate D2 WRC to compliment the Subaru but i ended up buying the Clio. No Regrets tho :-).
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    197's/200's really that bad on fuel

    My 172 cup is in a different League to my 200 cup. If i'm having a tight week my 200 stays in work Recently drove to west Cork in the 172. Last year took the 200 Notable difference.
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    50th Birthday cake

    Thought i'd ad a photo of the birthday cake i had made ?
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    Would you spend £18,200 on a Clio 182?

    Looking back to 2004 i gave£16800 for my liquid yellow 182 and kept it 3 years, what a fabulous car ?
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    Ford Focus RS mk2

    I've had mine 3 years now and its just about to turn 30k, nobody loves renaultsport more than me and i'll never be without one but the Mk2 RS is a lovely car to have sitting in the Garage for occasional use :-)