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Recent content by cat171

  1. cat171

    Cheap seats

    I wouldn't really call them an upgrade. They look worse!
  2. cat171

    106 turbo winter project

    My old mate had a 4" Powerflow stuffed out the back of his. You could hear him coming about two miles away. Poor car was virtually new too! He had that put on and an induction kit, gave it death everywhere even from cold and basically fucked it up.
  3. cat171

    Single wiper conversion

    He'll probably go for tinted 4d plates in twenty years time!
  4. cat171

    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    I watched these couple of videos over the weekend. I've heard of the bloke before, but didn't know he'd given up breaking them and gone into building RS500 race cars. The bloke who visits him has a lot of Ford videos on so I'll watch a few more. His white Cossie is nice!! You can ignore most...
  5. cat171

    Mossy's Cars

    Excellent stuff! I painted the bells / centres etc of mine when I had them done a few years ago. I even painted the edge of the discs where the vents are too. I hate rusty discs!!
  6. cat171

    Austin's OEM+ BG 182

    Proper! And I love the wheels on the wall :cool:
  7. cat171

    Clio 172 Cup seat options

    The ones in oss's car look nice! I'm not into the Mitsi Evo ones in a Clio.
  8. cat171

    My Petrol blue 182

    Fantastic! Nice purchase HAP!
  9. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    That Lancia S4's from earlier is in this pic here on PH mentioning that Goodwood FOS has been postponed. I said it gets around,
  10. cat171

    The Ford Appreciation Thread

    I was watching Bangers & Cash last night, a bloke had a Mk2 RS2000 in beige that had been in his garage for twenty odd years and it needed a full resto, and half of the engine was missing. The bloke who bought it had owned 72 RS2000's! He also had the same car (in beige) in storage in un-touched...
  11. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Looking at that Esprit, I'd say thankfully, it's not a JPS. The stripe along it isn't correct. So it's just a black car with a gold stripe.
  12. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Turns out that the red car I wasn't sure about last night was a Lotus Eclat - which coincidentally is what one of those knackered cars is posted by massivewangers. This morning I saw a boring white C reg Merc 500 SEC parked up. No pic, but quite a rare sight now. I'll get a pic up of the 2.7...
  13. cat171

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Lack of traffic seems to mean, get your classic car out :cool: I've just seen a red what could have been a Lamborghini Espada, or some sort of Lotus. A sort of beige(ish) LHD Porsche 911 Turbo on an 1980 W reg. An orange L reg 1970's 2.7 RS in RHD, I don't know if it's real, it was noisy (I have...
  14. cat171

    Clio Dimma

    That's a shame. I do love it though, I think they look ace!
  15. cat171

    Clio Dimma

    I googled your car, most of this I guess you'll already know. Mention of your car here 3/4 of the way down the page from 2008 Advert for it off of car and classic, now gone (amybe it'sthe advert from when you bought it ?) 1993...