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Recent content by Christopher.

  1. Christopher.

    The Petrol Blue Project continued

    The car is looking great mate. Glad your enjoying it. There are no spacers on the rear. I had planned to get the 10mm hub spacers but never got round to it. You will need to do some measuring when it comes to the front spacers. The 18mm ones from PMS clear the PMS 300mm brembo brackets...
  2. Christopher.

    Show us your decade of motoring

    2010 - 2011. Still had my RB 2011 - 2012. Fiesta St150. Great car but missing that clio life. 2012 - 2013. Back in to a PH1. 2013 - 2014. The Mondeo st24. Leaked terribly but was a great drive. 2014 - 2019. My Petrol Blue. Sold it back in October. Whilst owning the PB I also had ...
  3. Christopher.

    Winter 2019 Dirty Car Thread (maybe competition)

    I'm guessing works vehicles are not included. My Van's not been washed since August 👍
  4. Christopher.

    [PC] - Company of Heroes 2

    It was free for a limited time over the weekend. I picked it up and really enjoying it.
  5. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    After 5 Years and 10 Months in my ownership the Petrol Blue was sold last night :) Im happy its gone to someone on the Forum who will look after it as much as i have. A massive thank you to everyone who has helped out with Parts and Advice over the years, if not for some i really would of...
  6. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    Car is back. The match is nothing less than perfect.
  7. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    Change of priorities and need the money. The rest of the car.
  8. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    My mates been busy today getting it all done before the weekend. Still needs to be put back together but all the paint work is now complete. Just some minor MOT Advisorys to sort and then shes up for sale.
  9. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    The colours that go in to make Petrol Blue.
  10. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    Both the rear bumper and side skirts were taken off when it was in with the dent man to check before they quoted for the job. And also the rear interior.
  11. Christopher.

    Chris' Petrol Blue Project

    Cars finally in the Garage having all the paintwork sorted :D