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Recent content by clio007

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    Scene Safe Dub

    Surely some plonker called Rob with a VW will be all over that plate?
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    iPhone 12

    Yes 24 months. I had a friends and family discount on my account but I got a further 20% as my friend works for the NHS and he has got a code. If you know a student or anybody who works for the NHS you can get 20% off. This isnt a bad price for a 12 with 100GB. Works out at £36 per month...
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    iPhone 12

    Just sorted out my deal with EE Iphone 12 pro 128 40gb Unlimited calls and texts £40pm with £50 upfront Managed to bag some discount
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    iPhone 12

    That works out to be £1880 .... more expensive than going with a provider....?
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    Phone trade-in

    how much do you want for it?:)
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    Multiple Clio 172 Phase 1 Projects.

    Im interested to hear what car covers you use and what you think of them? Noticed you have waxed them before putting the covers on
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    ***How much is it worth?***

    Cant be worth 8-9k. There is a trophy up for £9.5k with 36k at Blakedown so I cant see this being worth close to that. I would say more like 6k
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    Seeing 1990's cars on the roads nowadays....

    Ive got two 90's cars. A MK4 Toyota Supra Aerotop twin turbo and a Audi B5 S4 . I have yet to see another Supra on the road. They really are fantastic
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    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    So to buy some coins - I first need to sign up to to buy some BTC or Etherium from Coinbase for example. Then I need to register on an exchange and buy the other cryptos by transferring my BTC/Etherium into the new currency. To sell it its the same process right? Would it be better to buy...
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    Cookie's 2009 Honda Civic Type R GT

    I just had a look and found loads under 5k and 80k miles. Not trying to be an arse btw just surprised at how expensive they are.
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    Cookie's 2009 Honda Civic Type R GT

    I had one a few years ago and it was very harsh for day to day driving although it was a hoot. The gear stick is in a lovely position. The price does seem expensive to me. Is that what they are worth? I sold a non GT 08 with 74k for £5500 2 years ago.
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    Finally got the ///M - Byzanz Metallic BMW E36 M3 Evo Saloon.

    Very nice OP. I also own an individual E36 that I purchased last month (1 of 2 in Europe). It needs some tidying up but not much. Have you replaced the ARP bolts?
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    Sensible Car. e92 330d.

    Looks good Dave. Its quite a harsh ride on the 19"s. I know the RS3 is harsh (if you had mag ride) but I think you will get bored of the ride and lazy gearbox quite quickly. I have just picked up a DSG MK6 GTD. Ok its abit slow but I cant think of better daily for the price.
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    Audi RS3

    Yes thought so. Its a fair price to be honest. Usually with a PX downwards you have to bend over so I think you have done well with that. Unless the 330d was 5k overpriced of course