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  1. Daz_RT_04

    Audi A4 B7 avant 2.0 tfsi

    My MK5 Golf GTI was a different animal after it was mapped. Revo Air Intake Pre-Cat Delete Latest revised VW Diverter Valve BKR7EIX Iridium plugs VW Quantum Oil. R-Tech Mapped = 268bhp & 303ftlb's
  2. Daz_RT_04

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    I can get some decent discounts on a complete diff unit via BMW.. just shout. ?
  3. Daz_RT_04 Golden Age

    Ah the car that got me into car's, the Mk1's! Abit of front room refurbishing... 2 Months later it all ended.. The thing was extremely tidy, the arches had been done and mileage low.. Doh!
  4. Daz_RT_04

    Fifa 19 - Edit Player Mode, Age?

    A quick one for the Fifa players on here. Have EA still not allowed the ability to change players age for Career Mode/Off-Line Mode? Ie; Edit Ronaldo, Messi to 28 years old to prolong their career time? It really irritates me as I have no interest in FUT, yet career mode seems to have been...
  5. Daz_RT_04

    Mk3 1.6 16v - Not Starting?

    Evening all, So my partners, usually bomb proof Mk3 1.6 Clio has decided it didn't want to start this morning. When I say didn't, it showed no signs of turning over at all - Lights on, radio playing, fuel pump priming, the lot. The battery is 3 months old so I've ruled that out, I'm pointing...
  6. Daz_RT_04

    MarkCup's 2017 Ford Focus RS

    Genuine Ford with some discounts included courtesy of ones self. Unfortunately long 'indicated' service levels sells car's, but that's a ridiculous time for anything Ford, let alone an hyper hatch.
  7. Daz_RT_04

    MarkCup's 2017 Ford Focus RS

    Let me know if you need any parts moving forward @MarkCup - I could have got that lot delivered to your front door for £600. A little trivia - The Focus RS air filter is the same filter as fitted to most 1.6 Petrol / Diesel Ford engines.
  8. Daz_RT_04

    The 320D.

    @TomSx Having read your description, in build up to the pictures - I was expecting worse! :wink: It's not that bad - I'm sure you'll have a que of Bristolian's wanting to take it off your hands :smile::smile:
  9. Daz_RT_04

    From a E90 325d to a...

    The vast array of M-Performance goodies available for these F30's is awesome. Exhausts, Power Kits, Diffs, Suspension Kits, Alcantara Trims, Steering wheels, Various Carbon interior/exterior trims... BMW have done very well with this shape. Well specced OP.
  10. Daz_RT_04

    Leeds_182 E34 Daily

    Yeah it basically sounded like It had a massive blowing hole / no exhaust system at all lol. Be interesting to see what yours sounds like :up:
  11. Daz_RT_04

    Leeds_182 E34 Daily

    That instantly brought back memories of when I did a back box delete on my E46 330i. What a mistake that was, it sounded utter shite.
  12. Daz_RT_04

    R53 race car build - Scottish championship

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out @Fraser.J. I assume you will be replacing charger fluids with the ease of access etc? (They can run extremely low/almost dry, as the mileage clocks up).
  13. Daz_RT_04

    Jazzing up the Combo van.

    An outward rolled exhaust tip would have earnt bonus points here. :cool::cool::cool:
  14. Daz_RT_04

    New car time bmw 140

    As a retail price yeah but the discounts available on these are very good if you shop around (A quick play on Carwow - £32k). Because the original buyers are sensible. I was always under the illusion that Pro-Nav would be a big tick, but in reality, bar a bigger screen and a couple of...