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Recent content by Don

  1. Don

    Cat Mod

    Which vehicle do you have? If 172/182 it could be the exhaust fitting kit. When you accelerate, it leave a small amount where air can get out. If you look underneath, check the springs on either side are intact...
  2. Don

    Cat Mod

    There is Carl who owns D7R Fabrication, he's a favourite for the MK4 Clios with the work he does. He is on Facebook as 'D7R Fabrication' based in Telford.
  3. Don

    Birchdown Auto Services

    Just been with Mick at Diamond, 2nd cambelts work done (had the car 10 years!). Only issue with Mick is because he is that good, there is a waiting list for him. I've just booked in Clutch replacement and that is first week in August if you are able to wait for the big stuff, go with Mick...he...
  4. Don

    Interior door pull handle

    Can no longer buy them new. Renault have stopped producing them. I checked today as mine are feeling overly sticky also!!!
  5. Don

    Cambelt change

    I am in Walsall, car is Telford, but booked in to Diamond Motors (Long Eaton) for @MicKPM To work his magic on her. Yes, it is a drive...but for the workmanship and the fact he is a perfectionist he is worth the travel to get it spot on first time, every time.
  6. Don

    Geeing up some interest

    Audi a3 as daily and 182 as playcar
  7. Don

    Geeing up some interest

    This is trying to get some interest... I am suspecting that with the weather being crap and only a handful of people it might be a bit of a struggle to get enough numbers for something to happen! 😢
  8. Don

    Geeing up some interest

    Hopefully some more interest will kick in....cant believe this place has nothing going on in this area.... COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!
  9. Don

    Best thing to clean suede

    Autobrite direct Alcantara cleaner is what I would recommend. Shame you didn't ask this a couple of weeks ago as they had a sale on so was 50% ish off everything.
  10. Don

    Geeing up some interest

    Guys, this area seems to be sadly lacking in action....last post in here was in June....almost 6 months ago!!!@@ Come on people I appreciate we are coming into the crappier months, but who is up for a meet or a run out or something? I need to get the 182 out and stretch her legs. Who is up...
  11. Don

    Advice needed for the right induction kit

    @Lamby77 those are 2 options really. Both similar, but K-Tec one costs more and the Fatty one (which is what I have) is cracking for minimal outlay.
  12. Don

    CSF Convoy

    Unsure yet mate, I might go on the friday and make a weekend of it. Will keep you posted either way.
  13. Don

    May Bank Holiday meet - 25th - 27th May????

    Theres too many cameras out there to be dicking around on the roads....also, all is takes is one penis to ruin it for everyone. Meet up, have a laugh, bite to eat and potentially get advice or tips or credit on your vehicle.
  14. Don

    May Bank Holiday meet - 25th - 27th May????

    Old 'Jimmy' wont be attending any time soon....I've just seen absolutely Sweet FA happen in terms of West Midlands for some time. We've had reps and stuff, but if the people are there...then they hopefully will attend. As you and Chris can quantify, CS does have a lot of decent people (there...