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Recent content by Hawk182

  1. Hawk182

    North West/North Wales RS OC meet & drive out

    Sweet. see you at 8am at maccy D's then
  2. Hawk182

    North West/North Wales RS OC meet & drive out

    I'm coming from northwich so if people want to meet up on route. The maccy's on the A55 may be a good meeting point?
  3. Hawk182

    North west rolling road day

    if i'm free then ill pop over as its local
  4. Hawk182

    Which oil filter removal tool??

    i have a strap wrench that i've always used, can get it in under the inlet manifold and slacken it off then just undo it by hand. cheap af on ebay around a fiver, not sure what size mine is but heres a pic so you get the idea...
  5. Hawk182

    Picked up a nice sensible family car, with room for the dog

    You'll have plenty of room in that on the Rico rally then! myself @Ash. And @Carbonraider are also on the June run it can't come soon enough
  6. Hawk182

    [Nov 21, 2015] North west five guys and mini golf (Manchester)

    I've not added my name to the list but I'll be there, can't refuse an excuse for a 5guys! Be either in Clio or Mx5 (if its wet/survives on Friday).
  7. Hawk182

    British GT Oulton Park

    this is always a good meeting with loads of nice cars to see. ill see what im doing nearer the time tho. i'll be there on 11th july for Tuner fest north! but mayb this should go on another thread haha
  8. Hawk182

    Chester food meet February

    ive only just seen this sorry.
  9. Hawk182

    [Feb 1, 2015] North west rolling road day (Runcorn)

    ill probly swing by for a bit, was excellent last time
  10. Hawk182

    Past meets

    Well said ash. I for one, haven't been to POP yet and would love to go as part of a CS club stand as that would justify the price of tickets.
  11. Hawk182

    Joe's Nurburgring Trip (pic heavy)

    the Nankangs were awesome, can't complain they gripped really well. no under steer and they don't seemed to have worn too badly considering they are the softer compound. Haven't tried them in the wet yet :/
  12. Hawk182

    Bury Pub Meet - Thursday 10th April - 7pm

    Im leavin now, will also be getting food seeu all ina bit
  13. Hawk182

    Suspension set up NW?

    about 10 minute drive from me and is where ill be taking mine when the weather improves and I eventually get round to fitting everything :D
  14. Hawk182

    iceberg silver 182 m6 south - Birmingham

    I undertook you in a white fiesta just after the 50mph ended about 7pm BG55 EJJ