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Recent content by ian 182

  1. ian 182

    55" UHD TV under 500 quid

    Kitchen/dinner thing
  2. ian 182

    55" UHD TV under 500 quid

    I bought this Bravia for my kitchen last month, it’s a lovely TV for the money Sony BRAVIA KD55XG7002ABU 55 Inch LED 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart TV - Black (2019 Model) (Amazon Exclusive)
  3. ian 182

    Evo IX RS on Its way

    Great car and great miles. If it’s anything like the other evo models you’ve had it will be mint in days. Good luck with it👍
  4. ian 182

    Ultra Clean GTi

    That will get some proper money I bet. Looks lovely (apart from the inside wheels) lol
  5. ian 182

    New daily - E91 330d

    I think @Sir_Dave will point you in the right direction rather than my amateurish efforts 👍
  6. ian 182

    New daily - E91 330d

    Do these have the swirl flaps? If so get it done. Nice looking car, good luck with it 👍
  7. ian 182

    Neil buys epic cars

    Well done @gally on a top job, always nice to have a happy customer and review. Car looks in lovely condition @neil a Good luck with it
  8. ian 182

    Cookie's 2013 E63 AMG

    Ive seen your sofa. I feel like sponsoring you £2 a month instead of Oxfam. xxx
  9. ian 182

    Neil buys epic cars

    Fair play that's great. Looking forward to a new garage line up.
  10. ian 182

    e91 335i. The Unicorn.

    Congrats on the little one and just lol at that TT, its a time machine. You must have had it as long as ive had the civic if not longer.