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Recent content by Jon.G

  1. Jon.G

    Jon's Saphire Black E46 330Ci

    Just an update... after 7 years. Still own it and pretty much nothing has changed. Absolute love the M54 even if the MPG is low 20s.
  2. Jon.G

    Project #56; Clio Trophy

    Just came back to this after seeing a another CS's Trophy on Insta. @welshname Times have flew by. @withoutabix Do you still on No 56?
  3. Jon.G

    12th March NW Meet/Drive Out (?)

    1. Willsam 2. Niall97 3. JamesBryan 4. Christopher 5. lordyjordy 6. Norbury90 7. aucky 8. Jon.G
  4. Jon.G

    Manchester Area Meet?

    I might even make an appearance. Would be good to see some of you again, it's been too long.
  5. Jon.G

    Monthly Meet - NW Central

    Sounds good to me. If we can keep to a date that'll help with attendance IMO.
  6. Jon.G

    Call Of Duty ~ Advanced Warfare

    I had £10 off a £40 spend, online code.
  7. Jon.G

    Call Of Duty ~ Advanced Warfare

    Same thing happened with me, but I ordered on Tesco. £30 All in ;)
  8. Jon.G

    Call Of Duty ~ Advanced Warfare

    I think its actually really good. Played an hour on campaign and one TDM. Campaign is a bit different from Black Ops, and MW which I like.
  9. Jon.G

    New Area Rep - NW Central

    Sounds good Chinless
  10. Jon.G

    E36 3.0 ITB Race Build

    Fantastic read. Great thing with the Pi is your can just feed pretty much anything you want into it, as you've show with the screen. Great thinking with the control panel. I assume you've built a script to take your CSV and turn it into a plot? Would you think there is anywhere of putting a...
  11. Jon.G

    The XBox One Thread

    Sunset Overdrive does look good, but there are plenty of other shooters coming out. i.e. COD and Far Cry. I'll be waiting for it to come down in price after the holidays.
  12. Jon.G

    Damn You Apple.

    Just realised, I've got a Late '11 MBA. Everything says I'm compatible...
  13. Jon.G

    Damn You Apple.

    Yeah, thats down to Handoff/Continuity.
  14. Jon.G

    Damn You Apple.

    Has anybody got Handoff AKA Continuity working? iPhone 6 on iOS 8.1 and a Late '11 MBA running Yosemite. I have all the options enabled, but nothing shows for Handoff. I'm trying with Safari.