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Recent content by leeds2592

  1. leeds2592

    Clio 172 Cup cambelt change

    Were you booked in pre coronavirus?
  2. leeds2592

    Neil buys epic cars

    Might have to give him a little while to reply, think he's just trying to find his crystal ball to see into the future 😂
  3. leeds2592

    Pacman R27 No 458

    Them roller shots are mega!
  4. leeds2592

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Have you tried Carbon Collective Hybrid? I just use that now on our cars. Granted they are Silver, White and Inferno Orange, not a dark colour but I've never had an issue with it. Do need 2 or so coats of it though or else the durability is a bit crap. Wouldn't be a problem if you wash the car...
  5. leeds2592

    Was bored so i did a little job

    I'm more interested in the white trousers, them shoes and dodgy carpet combo.
  6. leeds2592

    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    Probably get flamed for this but he's simmered the driving in his videos down quite a bit recently. Other than a few accelerations and a few slidey bits, I can't see much wrong tbh. He's certainly got worse vids. He doesn't half chat shite mind you.
  7. leeds2592

    Back in an Evo...

    Christ, I wouldn't want to drive that, it's too mint.
  8. leeds2592

    Clios spotted around Leeds

    This could be a new game, guess where you live 😂 I was going to guess you're in one of the terrace houses on Princess Street? However, you must have seen me pull in or out if so as I was parked with the front facing out.
  9. leeds2592

    Clios spotted around Leeds

    Good to park on Station Lane near Rivers MEET, cross the railway line and you can get into it from the other side as well.
  10. leeds2592

    Clios spotted around Leeds

  11. leeds2592

    Clios spotted around Leeds

    Oh really? We met some friends to walk around with. I was parked opposite their house. Do you know James and Sophia?
  12. leeds2592

    Clios spotted around Leeds

    Sure you're following me haha. Just been for a walk around St Aidans.
  13. leeds2592

    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    I stopped watching him a while ago as he got f**king annoying. This came up on my suggestions the other day. Still a bit annoying but he has some f**king cool cars.
  14. leeds2592

    BG 182

    Yep, nice one Lewis, looks great mate.