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Recent content by Matt e

  1. Matt e

    Megane R26

    you did, ive bought a another R26 rear axle that im going to get powder coat so ill fit the bushes to that. yeah it is, one of the mounting holes needs to be adjusted
  2. Matt e

    Megane R26

    Comparison of size between mk2 and mk3 Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  3. Matt e

    Megane R26

    haven't updated in a while end of last summer the steering wasn't self centring and feeling abit strange so bought a pair of second had hubs and set about refurbishing them with all new bearings and lower bearing insert Process Hub before by matt eaton, on Flickr Bilt hamber by matt eaton, on...
  4. Matt e

    coolant chamber

    Does anyone the torque for the bolts the hold on the coolant chamber which houses the thermostat and temp sensor to the head?
  5. Matt e


    looked like arctic blue 182 but might have been a 172 going past tesco towards the police station, about 2.30 today
  6. Matt e

    What have you done to your car today ???

    smashed the rear screen fitting new struts :cool:
  7. Matt e

    Blow torch
  8. Matt e

    Ronald's RS Megane 175dCi

    looks good, for the missing front splitter i just used this on mine with black screws (2mm,40mm)
  9. Matt e

    Front end respray

    best thing to do is go to a couple of bodyshops and ask.
  10. Matt e

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    i went in halfords few weeks back and no joke there was 4 bottles of AF aqua coat and all 4 were different shade to each other, so good knows which one was correct shade lol bouncer have just released a hydrophobic snow foam which is dead easy to use, and its still beading well 3 weeksa since i...
  11. Matt e

    Can Anyone Help . . . . . . . . . PLEEEEEEASE

    I think streamline carbon are part of urban automotive now, so maybe send them a email see if they can help? Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  12. Matt e

    Show us your decade of motoring

    only 2 in 10 years Front side driver by matt eaton, on Flickr 4th aug 2019 by matt eaton, on Flickr
  13. Matt e

    blue 172 A1M

    Blue 172 going south on the A1M near stevenage early this afternoon
  14. Matt e

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    bought my brother a bouncers mystery box for xmas and was really surprised what i got in it capture the rapture wax 200ml bead juice 1L look sharp cleaner 500ml drop and roll glass sealent waxstock 2019 ltd edt wax mug added it up and came to roughly £120, not bad for £45!
  15. Matt e

    Painting interior trim

    Nah for my megane Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk