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Recent content by PoppinCherries

  1. PoppinCherries

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Can’t wait to get this game. Me and my mate are currently buying everything for a sim but unfortunately I won’t be able to put mine all together until I’ve moved into my new house. Personally I love the gt3 cars, I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but it’s one of, if not the best series in the...
  2. PoppinCherries

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    Sim lab p1-x is probably the best on the market below 1k. Very sturdy and a lot of racers/YouTubers use it.
  3. PoppinCherries

    Shenmue 3

    Spent hours on these games when I was younger and loved them! Good old Sega Dreamcast back then. Brought the re works earlier this year although not got round to playing them and will get ‘3’ definitely.
  4. PoppinCherries

    Ring Doorbell

    Yh you can answer on multiple devices, I have it on my phone as well as my dad but we haven’t answered at the same time yet, I’m guessing it wouldn’t let the 2nd person to answer the notification to be able to speak, probs be able to watch it live thou. Might give it ago tomorrow lol
  5. PoppinCherries

    Ring Doorbell

    Dad got us one the other week.. personally if it was my house I wouldn’t bother. Battery isn’t great but if you live somewhere with a lot of traffic or people walking past then it’s obviously being set off all the time. I don’t even look at it anymore when the notification comes through my phone...
  6. PoppinCherries

    Corbeau Clubsport?

    cheers mate, took the punt and ordered some
  7. PoppinCherries

    Corbeau Clubsport?

    Are they standard size or XL mate? and what they like for getting in and out of?
  8. PoppinCherries

    Corbeau Clubsport?

    Love the look of that with the standard belt, what are the seats like getting in and out.? My r26r ones are a pain
  9. PoppinCherries

    Megane R26R

    Glad your enjoying it mate! Theres been a handful over the last year that have been shipped abroad including the one Divine Automotive had for sale recently so hopefully prices will shoot up again in the summer. Make sure you put some pics are when its detailed! Love fresh clean .R
  10. PoppinCherries

    [Jan 8, 2017] North Weald Brunch (Essex)

    if my cars still at Mark fish's by then il pop round
  11. PoppinCherries

    Corsa 'D' VXR Nurburgring Edition

    Do yourself a favour and get an alarm and tracker fitted..
  12. PoppinCherries

    Show us your track cars!

    Im sure ive seen that modified gen3 for sale somewhere recently..?
  13. PoppinCherries

    Tom Clancys The Division

    Bored of it, games very repetitive. Its very much like the 1st assassin creed, actully idea of the game is good but could do with abit more content and refinement. If they do a second one im sure it will be alot better. £30 posted for Ps4 if anyones interested.
  14. PoppinCherries

    Tom Clancys The Division

    Anyone know if theyve sorted the servers out yet? Went out and brought it last night, installed it all and then it wldnt let me play!