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Recent content by rsdan

  1. rsdan

    My RB 182

    few months back managed to pick up a pair of recaros for it , there not mint by any means but still look good in the car in my opinion Done a few other little bits to the car as well like a pollybushed engine mount, decat and 3/4 plate . As I say though mainly just been enjoy the car getting...
  2. rsdan

    My RB 182

    Not up dated this for a while now forgot I’d even started it to be honest. Not much has changed on the car really just been racking up some miles and keeping it maintained. At the start of the year me and a mate had a trip up to Scotland and done the 500 we covered around 2000miles over the week...
  3. rsdan

    Graham's OCD ph3 DCi sport rep v2

    Love it and the fact your doing it all properly. What happened to your old one did it end up getting broken for parts or did you manage to sell it as a hole car as was needing an engine if I remember correctly?
  4. rsdan

    E of E local meet

    Was good to catch up with you both,looking forward to a proper meet up and seeing how many we can get together
  5. rsdan

    [Apr 15, 2018] Last minute meet... (Norfolk)

    Looks a lot better than mine does right now hopefully mine will pick up a bit of dirt on the way up and cover up some marks
  6. rsdan

    [Apr 15, 2018] Last minute meet... (Norfolk)

    Last minute clean might be a little , try not to look to closely
  7. rsdan

    [Apr 15, 2018] Last minute meet... (Norfolk)

    Might be about, will give me a reason to finally clean the car too :up:
  8. rsdan

    Inferno orange 182 A12 Lowestoft to Blythburgh

    as in title followed you or at least tried keeping up with you coming down the a12 , Believe it could have been joe meekings old turbo charged one
  9. rsdan

    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    Did think this my self at the time mate. Tryed clearing it a couple times but it built up again so quick I just gave up and kept a close eye on the temp gauge:up:
  10. rsdan

    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    Been ploughing through the snow all week, poor pictures but there is an rb somewhere under all that snow .
  11. rsdan

    Rb 182 halesworth co op

    As above at around 6 on Saturday managed to park next to it and grab a picture, seen the car around a few times but noticed today it had a sticker in the window so thought I’d see if your on here
  12. rsdan

    Crash bar writing?!

    Mine says something too, not sure what though
  13. rsdan

    My RB 182

    Cheers mate , there definitely high on my list :up:
  14. rsdan

    My RB 182

    No mate none atall just be prepared for a bit of a mess where it drains back out the pump, gear linkage is easy as it gets mate can’t go wrong :up:
  15. rsdan

    My Monaco Story...

    Cars looking really good mate, Looks brilliant on the f1s especially being 16s they just make it that little bit different from others :up: I’d be up for a local meet up some time to as I’m from the same sort of area as you lot