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Recent content by Steve_RS

  1. Steve_RS

    Dann2707's BMW 335D E91 Touring

    Needs bike carbs.
  2. Steve_RS

    FittedUK 2021

    Some ace stuff, and yeah some not so great stuff. The little Acty is ace, it's owned by frshnmnty (instragram tag), followed him for a while now.
  3. Steve_RS

    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    Couple of good watches. The LS3 M3 in the first video was built by the guy featured in the second video, with his supercharged V8 Pajero.
  4. Steve_RS

    Living life fast

    Hopefully it's not just me that's more annoyed at him using there and not they're.
  5. Steve_RS

    My new 200t lux edc

    Looks very well mate. I reckon spacers would be a good shout as the wheels look a bit lost in those rear arches!
  6. Steve_RS

    Clios spotted around Leeds

    Was he selling hoodies out of his boot?
  7. Steve_RS

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Couple of nice spots in Northumberland this week. DS21 Karmann Ghia
  8. Steve_RS

    Clios spotted around Leeds

    How many bags did he sell you?
  9. Steve_RS

    New looking to buy 2013-2015

    On the subject I just noticed how creaky mine is at times :LOL: . Guessing that's pretty normal. I've got a 2017 model (PH2) I picked it up for 12k back April. Very happy, lot's of fun. I've got a few ex-owner friends who warned me about iffy gearboxes on the PH1 so I made sure to avoid...
  10. Steve_RS

    Clios spotted around Leeds

    White MK3 200 coming off the M621 nr Elland Road, heading down towards Armley Gyratory roughly 7.30am
  11. Steve_RS

    BG 182

    Looks great that, mate
  12. Steve_RS

    BG 182

    The bowl is here, but you're not. Summertime sadness.
  13. Steve_RS

    BG 182

    Like summer in a bowl. Lovely.
  14. Steve_RS

    Dann2707's BMW 335D E91 Touring

    Good job mate. Bet it smells like summer in a bowl in there.
  15. Steve_RS

    S3 8p sportback 2+ Daily

    Looks that mate great