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Recent content by Steve_RS2250

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    Clios spotted around Leeds

    They have started lining up performance cars along the front I've noticed, seen a few different motors over the months, last Summer they had an older model Monaro there and it had me creaming everytime I passed.
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    The Motorist (Hub) Sherburn in Elmet

    Yeah there were loads of expansion plans and drawings on the walls, they have quite a bit of space to play with being at Sherburn Aero Club. They have some nice and unique stuff in, these are my pics from last June. The fields were just a bog at the time, a bit of limiter bashing to get out...
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    Clios spotted around Leeds

    There was an Albi Blue 200 for sale down Kirkstall Road (GMC2000 Motors) for a little while, I kept meaning to post it here or on FB for anyone interested. However, the other day I literally saw the new owner driving it off the forecourt so beat me to it! Looked very clean.
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    The Motorist (Hub) Sherburn in Elmet

    I went to the opening weekend, as previously mentioned it's a really cool place. However, I fear it's going to become very busy, very quickly. Even now I've seen some of their make or model only meets littered with all sorts of motors. Not such a bad thing really, I'm waiting for it to...
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    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    Jamie is a bit of a pellet. one of those 'no mechanical knowledge but it's a nice colour and sounds nice' type of guys. Nowadays MCM, Car Throttle, Carfection, Harry's Garage, BoostedBoiz and Hoovie's Garage are my go-to's. I've been recommended ChrisDrift also.
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    Yorkshire Members List Thread

    Wondered where it had gone - had my hopes up after I saw the Volvo on the drive and not the bean. Ah well. I'll pop round for a cuppa at some stage within the next months...
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    Clios spotted around Leeds

    Silver 182 around 8am this morning on the M621 into Leeds, then down towards Armley Gyratory.
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    DiRT Rally

    Dirt Rally 2.0 is down to £25 on the PS store also, been waiting for it to drop in price.
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    Clios spotted around Leeds

    Seen a silver 172 pulling out of the Goals turning on Kirkstall Road a couple of times now, both times whilst I've been waiting to cross (my street is opposite). Can't remember which day, but anyway incase anyone here is a Goals regular!
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    Caffeine & Machine Meet

    Ignore me, wrong forum, wrong topic :rolleyes:
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    Caffeine & Machine Meet

    I'll be going cars in the park again, as a guest again as it was a pleasure to stroll right in past the queues, who wants to see a battered EP3 anyway?
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    Yorkshire Spring Chit Chat

    You mean to tell me there are other ways to drive them?