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Recent content by TheEvilGiraffe

  1. TheEvilGiraffe

    Clio 172 ecu

    Is it you, you hoarding f**k..?
  2. TheEvilGiraffe

    Clio 172 ecu

    @Pudding of Yorkshire ?
  3. TheEvilGiraffe

    Jethro's Trophy on the market

    He's getting on a bit these days, mind..
  4. TheEvilGiraffe

    Anyone want some drugs? - New car content

    I'm more amazed you've had this 3 years @Waitey :ROFLMAO:
  5. TheEvilGiraffe

    The DIY Thread

    Just get whatever you need now, and worry about updating them in 5 years time, if necessary when the time comes. They're less than a tenner for the complex ones you are after on SF..
  6. TheEvilGiraffe

    Wet track advice?

    LOLWTF Lock the doors someone. FFS.
  7. TheEvilGiraffe

    Minor Bump On Works Van

    Did the salt box grass him up ? If no damage .. 1) what's the grand for, and 2) how did anyone know ?
  8. TheEvilGiraffe

    Best Track Day Car

    Most of them have been through here, so could well be...
  9. TheEvilGiraffe

    PO54 OCJ - CarThrottle's new track toy vid

    Three threads on the same subject.. the only one not locked is silent :ROFLMAO: So, no one owned it ?
  10. TheEvilGiraffe

    Best Track Day Car

    Another random sign up, no intro, strange question and never to be seen again !?
  11. TheEvilGiraffe

    MINI Cooper S R53 (bills old car)

    Dibs if selling those wheels :ROFLMAO:
  12. TheEvilGiraffe

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    I hope you bought one bottle, but on the tick :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  13. TheEvilGiraffe

    Open ended M14x1.5 locking wheel nuts

    Just put the standard Renault lockers on. Even with the right key, you still won't get the wheels off.. Ever. Got a flat tyre ? New car time. Everyone likes new car shopping... You're welcome.
  14. TheEvilGiraffe

    Clio RS Line 2020 - Clock keeps resetting

    Take it back to the supplying dealer ? It's a brand new car. Do you know when it was built ? It could feasibly have been built 6+ months before you drove home in it, so a dead battery is a possibility.
  15. TheEvilGiraffe

    Xbox Series X|S - OFFICIAL News!

    This was properly interesting !! Nothing techy, just solid info anyone could understand, presented really well. I've always loved the Crash games mind :LOL: