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Recent content by TomSx

  1. TomSx

    Seat Leon Cupra 290

    It’s mental and that’s coming from a stage 1 mapped TTS. Mine has the hardware for 400bhp but the previous owner said it was too much. It’s nice to know it’s a map tweak away if I want it. The Avon tyres on there definitely aren’t up to it. 😂 The traction light loves to flash, even in 4th. The...
  2. TomSx

    M2 Competition

    Looks spot on. I love the colour.
  3. TomSx

    VW Golf GTI

    What needs fitting? Most places my way are about £70 an hour so even allowing for VAT that’s 17 hours 😂 surely you’ve got a mate in the trade who wants some weekend cash..
  4. TomSx

    106 turbo winter project

    I reckon it'll be cleaned and then joining a drive with a load of old VW Buses. 😀
  5. TomSx

    R5 Turbo

    That's bloody lovely.
  6. TomSx

    Back in an Evo...

    Holy f**k.. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than that STi.
  7. TomSx

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    A rather noisy T350c just turned up on our street..
  8. TomSx

    MR2 K-swap Project

    Love it. Can’t help but think it needs more rake though. 😬
  9. TomSx

    Punto GT

    love it! One of the cars I always wanted in my youth and they were fairly rare even then. Looks tidy! My mate had a few. I even test drove one with the cash in my pocket but it was smoking like hell so walked away. 😂 I always wanted one in the bright blue they did.
  10. TomSx

    Vauxhall 'Red Top' Appreciation Thread

    Mother had a red GTE 16v back in the day. I used to think it was the fastest thing ever. 😂 My mate had a Corsa 1.2 converted to a red top still with the 1.2 brakes. It was lethal as you can imagine. 😂 The red top is a fantastic engine. I used to hate Novas but actually love them now.
  11. TomSx

    MR2 K-swap Project

    Just lower it already 😂
  12. TomSx

    Alpina D3 Bi Turbo F31 Touring

    So then..? 😆
  13. TomSx

    Quick visit.. Been a while..

    Buckie goes straight through you aye
  14. TomSx

    Quick visit.. Been a while..

    They’re quick motors those X5’s once mapped. Still a good 25 bhp per tonne down on a standard Golf R though. I guy at work has one and my mapped E350 Merc had the edge on it.
  15. TomSx

    Alpina D3 Bi Turbo F31 Touring

    To be fair that’s almost exactly the same sound my E90 had with a shot injector.