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Recent content by TomSx

  1. TomSx

    Evo IX RS on Its way

    My mate had that steering wheel in his Clio RSI back in the 90’s. It’s horrendous 😂 Can it be changed or is it part of the ‘specialness’?
  2. TomSx

    Impulse buy of 2020

    What a difference.. The wheels look a little bit of a weak offset for those arches mind.
  3. TomSx

    MR2 K-swap Project

    Cheers, I've just bought that cheap on the DVLA site. Awsome thread btw. Possibly my favourite on here currently. Top Skills.
  4. TomSx

    New car - Jaguar F-type V8

    Here we go.. 😬 “Too fast for the road” iirc.
  5. TomSx

    Ultra Clean GTi

    I’m in the same camp. I always wanted one in my youth until I’d driven one. Which is one by I stuck with Clios.
  6. TomSx

    Just another M3, this time with a V8.

    Surely you’d be best to adjust after the wing is fitted as the weight may make a difference?
  7. TomSx

    Evo IX RS on Its way

    Awesome car and wheels but not feeling them together..
  8. TomSx

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    I've found the AF to be even less effective at cleaning. 😆
  9. TomSx

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Whats a decent strong wheel cleaner for satin black wheels? I've been using Wonder Wheels colour active stuff from Asda as it's cheap at £7.00 a bottle but I'm finding it still leaves brown residue inside the wheels. It will come off eventually but after spending half hour on each wheel..
  10. TomSx

    M135i - Attempt Number 2

    The guy who lives opposite to me has the MPE. Cold starts are annoying. :LOL:
  11. TomSx

    M135i - Attempt Number 2

    Welshname have you ever owned a RWD? With decent tyres the chance of the rear end stepping out is the same as hitting a corner in a FWD turning the wheel and heading towards the kerb. i.e. you have to be driving too fast in the first place.
  12. TomSx

    M135i - Attempt Number 2

    Fair enough but I drive a RWD the same as a FWD in the rain. When a FWD understeers a RWD just oversteers and if you're pushing it I find oversteer is easier to control. But then to be fair I dont really ever drive quick in the rain.
  13. TomSx

    New daily - E91 330d

    Whilst looking at cars recently I've found roughly 99% of sellers do not under what FSH means. :(
  14. TomSx

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    It wasnt hanging about either..