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172 bumper

  1. A

    New front bumper

    Hi all! I only have one short question: Does the Clio 172 or 182 ph2 front bumper fit on my 2003 Clio ph2 1.4 16V (5 doors)? I'm pretty sure it fits but I just want to go for sure before purchasing one. Pictures attached below: The bumper in question: My car :) --> Thank you for...
  2. O

    Clio 172 Ph1 Front Bumper

    Hello, I'm desperately looking for a 172 Ph1 front bumper. I own a Clio 172 with (awful) Elia front bumper for quite some time now but this year I was told at MOT that the car has to be fitted with OEM bumper (or at least one looking more "normal") - otherwise it will have to scrapped & used...
  3. dj mick kay

    Bits for sale

    Hi all A few bits on flea bay that I've got for sale 172 rear bumper arctic blue 172/182 rear seats 172/182 door cards MkII front side passenger wing in black...