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182 exhaust

  1. AndyPembs182

    Fitting kit for catalytic converter

    I’m fitting a replacement catalytic converter on Saturday to my 182. Can anyone recommend a fitting kit? Which parts would it be sensible to get?
  2. 1

    What’s people’s preferences on aftermarket exhaust vs standard?

    Looking to get an aftermarket kit like a 192 scorpion or something els like it (not to loud) however apart from a rattle that I think is just the shield there’s nothing wrong with the standard exhaust. Is it worth changing?
  3. Andy Woodcock

    Rear Twin Silencer - 182

    Hi all, Looks like my exhaust is on it's way out, the rear, both rusty as F**K. Now I've been to a Renault Specialist, they are saying about £700-£800, they might be able to do me a cheaper one from about £450 but with vat on top. Then of course the usual fitting costs. Do any of you good folk...