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  1. SamClioRS

    200T gearbox map/update?

    Anybody with a 200T been able to get the Trophy gearbox update or know of a good aftermarket gearbox map?
  2. Sash

    Liquid Yellow 200EDC £8k Someone do a buy!
  3. cliocollins

    Quarter Mile Race - 182/200T/595

    Hi all, Just looking for some feedback on this race coming up. There has been a lot of talk and numbers thrown around of who will win and by how much.. 1, A friends Clio 200T with the following mods : Panel Filter, Centre box delete and new dunlops all round. (Launch Control/Auto) 2, My...
  4. Treadless

    200t EDC Fastchip RSTuner Problems

    So after months of deliberation I decided to go against all common sense and instead of making the 10 mile trip to RS tuning (I live on the outskirts of Leeds) I thought i'd save myself a bit of time and money and get an RSTuner by Fastchip. I'd read good things about the RSTuner and Fastchip...
  5. Treadless

    LY 200t Crossing A1, Bramham, Leeds

    After nearly a year of 200t ownership myself I spotted my first ever wild one and it happened to be a lovely LY one crossing the A1 from Bramham on the Thorner road. Unfortunately I was doing 70 on the A1 beneath so didn't get too close a look or a chance to wave!.