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  1. Jme34

    Goodwood 'hot hatch sunday'

    know it's a little way off and many of you already know about Goodwood's 'breakfast club', but think hot hatch sunday could be of interest to a lot of you. I live 10 mins away so will definitely be there, along with my mate and my brother. for those that don't know about it and are interested...
  2. Will16V

    Donington Historic 2016

    Is anyone attending this weekend? I'll be there tomorrow on the Combustion Punks stand, hopefully the weather will hold out. A great event in you're in the area, highly recommended!
  3. Jack!

    Game you're most eagerly anticipating in 2016

    Following on from the thread by @SharkyUK. Don't just reel off a list of all the games you're excited about, we all know there are some great games coming out in 2016. Just pick one and give a reason why you've picked it. For me it's Dark Souls 3. I love the Souls games, a lot of people are...