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  1. B

    Longer 5th for a 172 box

    Hello. I'm looking for some info as to what 5th gear i should use, for highway cruising. Not for top speed since its a daily and just a fun road car. More about reducing the highway revs for some mpg improvement, i usually just use the 1-4 gears anyways. I don't know the code of my gearbox...
  2. W

    Fifth Gear Part

    Does anyone know the part number for the JC5 longer 5th gear? The 42/31 one. It's the fifth gear fitted to: JC5-072 F9Q 736 Engine JC5-103 F9Q 736 Engine JC5-107 Megane 1.9dCi F9Q 105hp Gearbox JC5-109 JC5-120 JC5-138