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air bag service light

  1. H

    Renault Clio MK 2 Air Bag Light Mystery?

    I have owned a Renault Clio Campus Sport MK2 for nearly a year and have had no problems mechanically with, however have had an ongoing problem with the airbag light along with the service light coming up on the dash. It doesn't stay on permanently and sometimes goes a week without actually...
  2. G

    DF071 / DF072 Airbag codes

    Hi I've after some help,I have these codes DF071/DF072 I've changed the airbag and the squib(clocks spring) no joy airbag/service light still on.Does anyone know if these codes cover the drivers seat airbag too? And /or the pretensioners too? I have soldered the wiring under both seats but if...