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  1. Zsolteen

    X85 cup racer ecu

    Hello everyone. I got this message out of the blue. VERLOG-ACTIVE (SOFTWARE LOCK ENABLED) and the car won't start since then. does anyone know why this happened? or how to 'delete' this error?
  2. F

    Boot keeps thinking it’s open

    Hello guys, new issue on the 182 Now I keep having the boot thinking that it’s open, everytime it’s hot outside and the sun smashed my car it gets super sensitive and I can see the light on the dash flickering as I drive along. And sometimes it even triggers the alarm because the car thinks one...
  3. Brushwood69

    Cage going in but what about alarm?

    Hi, turning my cup into a rally car and have a cage going in over the next few weeks but as I strip the car what happens to the little sensors in the A pillars? Can they be cut out? Can the alarm be deactivated permanently? Any help much appreciated as usual! BW69
  4. MrBlonde

    172 Cup Alarm Not Working

    I have been trying to find some information on here but not having much luck,thing is my alarm does not seem to be working.The central locking works and the indicators flash.The LED by the gear stick does not light or flash,i have also tried sitting in the car and having the windows down to set...
  5. Louis

    New clio, first problems!

    Hi guys. Well, just bought a 2002 clio 3 days ago and having some problems. Basically today I woke up and went downstairs to see the clio lights were flashing. I thought I had left my hazards on but I hadnt, as they don't seem to even work. Anyway! Opened the car and the battery is obviously...