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alloy wheels

  1. J

    Aftermarket Wheels

    Looking to get some new aftermarket wheels wheels for the clio 182 cup. Will 16x7 ET30 fit or will they rub? Standard shocks at the moment but moving to coilovers in the next couple of weeks. Thanks,
  2. P

    Clio 197 Alloy

    New to the forum and to renault sport ownership. Had a 08 plate 197 for a month an a bit and its had its fair share of problems. The latest being one of the alloys is cracked beyond repair. Would really appreciate if anyone out there has or knows of a replacement for me. I've put a picture of...
  3. A

    Four 15" Renault Storm 6J ET43 Wheels

    I'm having a clear out and I'm not using these wheels any more on my Autosolo 172. I have no idea how to price the wheels, the previous owner paid £200 for the set second hand. They're bare wheels, ideally could do with a refurb but are useable as they are. No centre caps, but they may be in the...