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    Clio mk4 EDC 200 RS

    Hey, I just had a couple of questions if anyone here has any idea… So i have a 2013 clio RS EDC, with 100k km, it works as it should with no major faults i do have a question about the gearbox. So i had a fault that said motor for reverse overheated when i tried putting it in reverse. Before...
  2. R

    1.4 16V Automatic keeping going into AUTO (limp mode)

    My misses has a 1.4 16V Renault Clio and when driving it a AUTO light comes up and won’t go over 3rd gear. If you turn the car off and on straight after it keeps coming back on, but if you drive with it for about 5-10 minutes going 50-60mph revving it around 3000rpm and turn it off and on it...