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  1. AndyPembs182

    Bluetooth connectivity for 182

    I’d like to add Bluetooth connectivity to my 54 plate 182, but I want to retain the original headunit. Ideally I’d like to avoid the FM-transmitter type as I’ve tried a couple and not found them to be very good. Has anyone found a good solution? Ideas, suggestions and recommendations warmly...
  2. B

    R-Link Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

    Hi Guys, I'm having Bluetooth connectivity issues in my 15 plate 200T. When I picked up the car earlier in the week, the Bluetooth connected all fine and worked perfectly. I got in the car yesterday and this all seems to have gone out the window! The phone appears to be being picked up by...
  3. lordyjordy

    Connects2 CTARNBT003

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any experience with Connects2 CTARNBT003? Looks too good to be true...