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brands hatch

  1. MrBlonde

    Blancpain GT Brands Hatch

    Anyone off to watch the Blancpain GT at Brands this weekend?,went last year and was great day of action and different GT/Supercars.
  2. Ferds

    Bought a 182 Cup, trackday already booked

    Alright Guys, Never posted on here but visit a lot, sold my mk.2 dci65 that was on its way out after spending a small fortune fixing and modding it. Had to scratch the itch of a sport. Ended up going for a BG 182 cup. What can people tell me about the car? REG AU05 YJB. I'll be posting...
  3. robzracing

    The trials & tribulations of racing a Clio

    I've been thinking about starting a thread on here for a while but as most of you will know time is never on our side when it comes to these things. But I thought some of you might be interested in my story of how I got into racing and of course as I continue to persevere with one of the most...
  4. MrBlonde

    Blancpain GT Series Brands Photos Super Cars!

    Photos from today at brands,mix of race and super cars on show.
  5. MrBlonde

    Blancpain GT and Brands

    Anyone going to the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup this weekend at Brands?.Ive never been to this one.
  6. adamlstr

    My DC5 @ Brands Hatch 15/02/16 (Pics & Vid)

    What started off as snow/ice broke into cold/dry in the afternoon, it was a good day. I went up with a few mates, in their 530, Cayman, and EP3. There was a new Clio Cup car there, seemed decent - the gearbox sounded rapid! I hadn't done Paddock before, what a corner that is. I was wary that the...