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  1. DeeKay86

    Studio Lighting - Help?

    Hello everyone!! I'm moving soon, and will finally have a space for a "YouTube Studio". Which means I need some studio lighting. Been looking at these kits that have 4 fluorescent bulbs in a soft box, you get the stand etc and everything you need for around £90. Budget is around £100 and in...
  2. Carlos_2017

    Dash bulbs

    Anyone know where/what bulbs are used the light the speedo, clock and heater setting screen? I've got some crappy blue ones in there (already there when I bought it) I just want the original colour back!
  3. Blackie

    '04 Clio central display unit?

    So I noticed on my 04 Clio Dynamique that the display unit that shows the temp, radio station and clock is dim on one side, I'm assuming it's a blown bulb. According to the Haynes manual the only way to get to this unit is to remove the upper half of the dash facia, is this true?