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centre cap

  1. Con.SW

    77 00 754 338 caps location PLEASE!

    Hi guys, I'm not able to find these caps online for the life of me apart from the full wheel bearing kit for £90 :oops: Any one know where I can get just the caps from? Much appreciated :)
  2. P

    Help Removing wheel caps to get front wheels off

    I have a 2015 1.5 dci and I am trying to get my front wheels off to change the brakes. After I have removed all the plug nuts the wheels wont come off. Is the a center nut behind the centre cap. If so how do I get it off. Can anyone help
  3. T

    Clio 182 centre cap removal

    Hi guys, I've just got my hands on a 182 with both cup packs and I'm trying to remove the centre caps on the alloys to see if I have locking wheel nuts or not. The previous owner said there wasn't any fitted so want to make sure. Only problem is I can't seem to get the centre caps off? There's...