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clio rs 200 edc

  1. L

    Check Injection System fault

    Hi guys, I apologise in advance if this is an old topic. I bought a 2015 rs clio 200 cup just over a week ago now. The first day I had it I had an issue where just as I was getting home after hours of driving without issue, the car would skip gears from 1st to 3rd and then straight to 5th. The...
  2. N

    Is there any high mileage clio rs EDC's

    Hi all I have the 2015 clio rs EDC had this about a year now got it at 47k miles and now on 62k with oil changes at 6-7k I'm debating parting with it end of the year not because the car is bad but I just dont tend to see many high mileage 100k plus of these I don't really want to get rid but is...
  3. SamClioRS

    Any tyre recommendations?

    Recently bought a 200T and was wondering if anyone has any good experiences with a particular tyre? Not looking to spend more than £100/tyre so Goodyear Eagle F1 and Dunlop SportMaxx are out of the question. Should mention that I have to 18" Alloys so size is 205/40/r18.
  4. Peter1981

    My First Year With Clio 4 RS

    Hi there! My first year with Clio RS passed and I want to sum up results. Finally I've installed my rear view camera and also made some modifications. Now I have full Stage 2 Clio RS 200 EDC! My modifications: chip tuning DIGI, downpipe Brondex, brake-pads Yellowstuff EBC, Hankook RS3 tires...