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#clio #suspension #172

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    How do i get more than -2 degrees camber?

    Hello Boys, i got a little question for my self and i cant awnser it really. I only saw in the internet the Eibach Camber Bolts (they do -2degrees max?) And i asked myself how do i get more than -2 degrees of camber? Or how do i get so much Camber like on the pictures i send with? maybe...
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    K-tec or PureMotors top mounts is comfortable for daily driving?

    Hello all again me :) , i will buy K-tec or Pure Motorsports top mount for my Clio 172 ph1 rs but i have many questions about this part. By the way my car has ST v1 coilover. Firstly , how do i apply this part to my car ? Secondly , if i apply this part ,then does the comfort of the car in...