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clunking sound

  1. ClioDude55

    Blowing sound from 16v mk2

    I get a blowing sound every time I press the gas, no matter the rpm. Coming from under the engine cover/back of motor. Anyone have any idea? Have checked for leaks on all hoses u can se without jacking up the car ?
  2. P

    Help diagnosing 182 suspension clunk/knock at low speed - top mounts?

    Hello all. After searching through forum threads and trying to figure out this issue, I'm hoping someone might be able to help identify an intermittent clunk I've got in my '05 non-Cup suspension 182. I appreciate this is a common question and difficult to diagnose, but I've yet to find a...
  3. C

    172 pulling to the left when accelerating and clunks the steering wheel back when braking again

    When i accelerate and let go of the steering wheel the car moves in a straight line forwards but the steering wheel turns to the right and stays there until i press the brakes. When press the brakes (still with my hands off the wheel) there is a "CLUNK" sound and the steering wheel pops back...