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  1. adamlstr

    Pistonheads Sunday Service at Silverstone 23/10/16

    Went up to Silverstone yesterday to have a bit of track time and mooch about the Sunday Service: phss-silverstone-oct-16-40 by Adam Lister, on Flickr phss-silverstone-oct-16-1 by Adam Lister, on Flickr phss-silverstone-oct-16-2 by Adam Lister, on Flickr phss-silverstone-oct-16-7 by Adam...
  2. adamlstr

    FINALLY fitted the ZE40's to the DC5

    I'll let the pics do the talking... honda_integra_dc5_L15TFR_rays_ze40-1 by Adam Lister, on Flickr honda_integra_dc5_L15TFR_rays_ze40-2 by Adam Lister, on Flickr honda_integra_dc5_L15TFR_rays_ze40-3 by Adam Lister, on Flickr honda_integra_dc5_L15TFR_rays_ze40-4 by Adam Lister, on Flickr...
  3. adamlstr

    My DC5 @ Brands Hatch 15/02/16 (Pics & Vid)

    What started off as snow/ice broke into cold/dry in the afternoon, it was a good day. I went up with a few mates, in their 530, Cayman, and EP3. There was a new Clio Cup car there, seemed decent - the gearbox sounded rapid! I hadn't done Paddock before, what a corner that is. I was wary that the...
  4. adamlstr

    My 2003 DC5 Integra Type R (Bulid-ish thread.)

    After 5 years dutiful service, the 172 Cup went to the south of France for it's new life. It was time for a change, and I've always wanted a DC5, so I bought one. Integra DC5 by Adam Lister, on Flickr 85k, 1 owner in Japan, 1 owner here, FSH from new, in the UK since 2011. It all stacked up...