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  1. Carlos_2017

    Exhaust hanging kinda low in the centre section

    Hiya lads/ladies, I’ve noticed a ‘sag’ in my exhaust around the centre section. It’s a Ph2 172, with the standard manifold, Ktec Decat pipe and ktec super sport stealth system. I changed the manifold fitting Kit upon installing decat, I am yet to change the exhaust mounts/hangers but wondered...
  2. M

    de-cat 182 cup

    Hey Guys, so I'm sure youve been over this before, I've had a good browse through but i do have one question. Ive got a 2004 clio 182 cup, it has a stainless exhaust cat back and i have a stainless de-cat pipe also, I'm wanting to put the de-cat pipe on but everyone talks about lights and...
  3. CDES

    172 Manifold

    Looking at getting a de-cat system set up on my 172 Clio, how do I tell there difference between a 172 and a 182 manifold? Seems difficult to track down a decent priced 172 de-cat pipe but loads of 182 de-cats on ebay etc? So I'm hoping mines has a 182 manifold on it already.