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  1. Danith

    Danith's Clio RS 220 Trophy ph2

    Another one of my threads. Sorry. But this time it's a Clio :) They always come back - as they say (or did) on here. After a number of Renaultsports, mainly clios - 1 x clio 1.8 16v, 2 x ph1 172, 1 x 172 Cup, 1 x RS Twingo 133, 1 x R26 Megane - I'm back in an RS Clio again, this time in mk4...
  2. S

    Clio mk4 rear spoiler replacement

    Hello my fellow clio sport owners, Recently i jad a little problem with my clio mk4 RS 200, which is that the rear spoiler plastic flew off my car. Now i have been searching far and wide and cant find any place where i can order a new or used part to replace it. Would anyone be able to point me...
  3. Treadless

    200t EDC Fastchip RSTuner Problems

    So after months of deliberation I decided to go against all common sense and instead of making the 10 mile trip to RS tuning (I live on the outskirts of Leeds) I thought i'd save myself a bit of time and money and get an RSTuner by Fastchip. I'd read good things about the RSTuner and Fastchip...