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engine wiring loom

  1. D

    Mystery Plug

    Hello all, I've been re-fitting my engine and i've come across a grey plug that isnt marked up, therefore 99% sure it was already disconnected when i removed the engine. No idea where it goes and cant find a spare socket anywhere. It comes out of the junction from where the fuse loom splits to...
  2. Desmoben1

    Wiring harness/loom mk2 ph2 172

    Wiring harness/loom mk2 ph2 172 Where to buy one? Anywhere here on the forum to get wiring diagrams? Please and thankyou 😉
  3. R

    Renault 5 gt turbo track car

    I’m trying to find what wires I can remover from engine wiring loom on my 172 engine so I can fit it into my gt turbo with the original Clio ecu I understand I need the immobiliser removed from ecu but what is the bare minimum I need (wires) to run this engine, thanks