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exterior lights

  1. H

    2008 Clio mk3 project - From rags to riches!

    Hi there! My name is Hal and I am 21 years old. This month marks two years since I bought my Clio, two years of saying "I really must start doing some work to the car." But now, finally, I am in a position where I have both the time and money to invest in the Clio. I love my car and it runs...
  2. adamlstr

    Any exterior lighting (for home) experts on here?

    Help please. I have 5 exterior lights around my house that are set to a timer, and have a separate switch also. I want to get this kind of light: Wiring them up, not an issue. But, I'd like the lights to adhere to the timer, but once the timer is switched to 'off' at ~2130 I want the PIR to...