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faulty lights

  1. J

    Running Lights Trigger Brake Lights

    2005 MK2 Extreme. When running lights / dipped beams are on, brake lights are also on which I don't think will pass MOT and isn't safe. It used to be the intermittent disco lights as shown in video but that's been sorted, they now stay on fully when not supposed to! And when braking, the...
  2. 1

    Tail light and licence plate lights wont work

    Anyone help I've got a182 cup last night the rear lights stopped working indicators reverse fogs and brake lights all work main side lights wont come on or the licence plate lights checked all the fuses on the passenger side and in the engine bay cant find any thats blown checked the bulbs none...
  3. M

    Lights flashing when raining 172 clio

    Hi guys new on hear so dont no if this is the right place i recently got my self a clio 172 but since getting home iv started having problams with my head lights flashing on and of and wipers stopping only when it rains and when this happens everything on the hole car flashes like the dash radio...