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  1. F

    N/s/f window replacement

    Evening all. I recently had trouble with my key fob not doing its literal one job and allowing me to risk my life on the roads. After discovering the physical key does not open the only lock, replacing the annoyingly difficult to find battery, and attempting the whole coat hanger to abort the...
  2. twill92

    Clio wheel help?!?!

    I got a set of seat arosa wheels dirt cheap, they’ve got loads of tread and hold air (the current wheels on my Clio suffer from both of these). They’re 4x100 but don’t seem to fit at all, is this the case? Or do I need new bolts to fit these wheels?
  3. Carlos_2017

    OZ F1 16” (non Renault)

    Hi guys! Does anyone happen to know the centre bore of these wheels?! I know the centre bore for the 172 is 60.1mm, just need the size of the OZ so I can order spigots. Cheers in advance, Carlos!
  4. RichAwty

    Another will it fit sorry

    Looking to get some new wheels soon but unfortunately I like to be a bit different rather than going the OEM+ route like most. I've looked at a few different websites and posts to try and get my head around wheel fitment and the different aspects but still left with a question of whether...
  5. C

    197/200 Brembo Conversion - Wheel Fitment Guide

    Hello Can someone please help me confirm a list of what wheels fit on the Pure Motorsport 197/200 Brembo conversion for the 172/182 ? Specifically, can someone please comment on if the 16" +38mm Team Dynamics 1.2s will fit or if a spacer is required So far I have found the following: 16"...