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  1. AdDaMan

    Any Auto-Electricians On Here?? Strange Interior Wiring, Gauge Problem..

    Having some really strange issues in my old civic. Removed my old boost/oil temp/oil press gauges to fit some different ones. New ones dont work...Now old ones dont work. All they have is a small wiring harness...12v constant, 12v switched and an earth. I have tested all with a multimeter and...
  2. M

    Installing boost gauge on F4Rt

    Hello, I seem a little bit lost as to which line to splice for turbo boost gauge. Can somebody share what they've done or any hints? Thanks!
  3. AidenJohnson

    Rev + Temp gauge not working

    Hi guys, Little issue.. my rev gauge and temperature gauge seems to just not be working, all the others are fine though?