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gearbox noise

  1. B

    Differential gone

    Hello guys, Some days ago i've heard a lound bang under the gear lever. I could drive for a bit but mostly straight, when i turned the steering wheel just a little bit the whole engine started banging, and steering wheel wanted to go back to straight. Which led me to believe some problems with...
  2. B

    Blocking ring - synchronizer

    Hi everyone, i have a clio 2 172 ph2, I'm looking for the synchronizer (bronzes) for a JC5 130 gearbox, since my gearbox has damaged, but still works , here where I am is difficult to get parts for the car, someone told me that I can use the synchros of a gearbox of clio 1.6 but I doubt this...
  3. KingFisher

    Strange gearbox whine/ buzzing.

    Hi all. Recently bought a 182 and am loving it, although, I have a slight issue regarding a ticking/ buzzing noise that sounds as if its coming from the front left area in the engine bay. It sounds almost as if someone has twanged a ruler on the edge of a table and increases with RPM of the...