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  1. S

    Rear brake dimensions

    Looking to get new drums and shoes but without measuring them myself I have no idea which ones are the right ones. Does anyone know what dimensions I need for an 04 mk2 phase 2 extreme 4 ? Both the shoes and the drums please.
  2. wiv678

    Rear Brake Issue: Post-wash Brake Performance Worse

    Hi All, I’ve experienced my first issue with my Clio 182 and so here is my first post Background Around three weeks ago, I washed my car and then applied handbrake and left the car to sit (without moving it post-wash) for two weeks. On my return and went to move the car and the rear pads had...
  3. S

    Handbrake light

    Hi there was wondering if anyone could help at all. So basically my handbrake light on the dash never goes out. The pads are fine and do brake fluid is fine and sensor been changed. Garage haven't got a clue and I can't get the damn thing off! Anyone else come across this? Thanks
  4. A

    Handbrake mounting stripped thread

    Hello ladies and gents. Being the ham-fisted idiot that I am, I've pulled the Handbrake up a bit hard and ripped the threads off the 'shaft' which hold the actual lever down. The shafts already skinny, if I remember correctly it only takes a 10mm bolt so rethreading it may not be a feasible...
  5. A

    Interior mods on mk3 2012

    Hey, I was wondering if the handbrake handle was removable on the mk3 and if the Sparco Settanta parts (Pedal set, gear knob and handbrake handle) would fit as replacements. Cheers in advance.