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  1. dentillozie

    carbon canister venting dust into inlet manifold?

    Hi all, im wondering if its common for the carbon canister to fail? Failing as in venting carbon dust into the inlet via the vent hose... I recentlyremoved the upper inlet on my ph2 172 and found enough black stuff to be worried about. It seems to come (or go) from the breather pipe on the...
  2. C

    Bolt sizes

    I need to replace the engine cover bolts and the inlet manifold bolts, what sizes are they?
  3. B

    lumpy and juddery idle HELPPP!!!

    hi, this is the first post I've done on here but I've had the account a while cause its fun looking at peoples build threads to get ideas, but anyways back to the main issue.. a few months ago i was driving back from work and all of a sudden the engine management light started flashing and the...