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  1. M

    Washer jet hose location (clio mk3 tce)

    Hey, I just changed my washer bottle today as my pump was not working, but now I have run into a problem with the front washers and think it's down to the hose as it is pumping water out the pump but not when the hose is on. I'm wondering if anyone knows how easy it is to change the front washer...
  2. R

    182 Headlight washers, only 1 working, garage stumped.

    Hi Everyone! This is my first post as I only got my Clio 182 a month ago and it has now failed its MOT! I am in dire need of help... have tried everything logical!The garage could not sort this issue so any ideas would be much appreciated. The issue is only 1 side of the headlight jets are...