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  1. B

    Clio 182 xenon lights

    Hi all, I have a clio 182. I need a new xenon light unit and I just got one and noticed it has a different back colour. My original is a light grey bezel and this new one is a dark silver with black trim. Looking online there seems to be chrome, black and this silver colour. My car is...
  2. JKeillor94

    Mk3 Facelift Projector Lights

    Im on the hunt for a set of projector lights for my mk3. Can someone help with a link or is someone on here selling a set? PFA:
  3. M

    Lights flashing when raining 172 clio

    Hi guys new on hear so dont no if this is the right place i recently got my self a clio 172 but since getting home iv started having problams with my head lights flashing on and of and wipers stopping only when it rains and when this happens everything on the hole car flashes like the dash radio...
  4. L

    SPOTLIGHTS and relay help

    Main beam relay Location. I’m on with fitting a pair of spot lights to my 182 cup at the moment, however I’m struggling to locate the relay for this, I can only seem to find 1 relay under my passenger glove box that seems to have no effect on the lights. Currently I have wired my spot light...
  5. Joe Wootten

    Strobing Headlights (Fault)

    Looking for someone to cast some light on a problem i've got with my 182, Past few days my headlights have been going on and off, you can hear the relay in the passenger foot-well going crazy, ive changed the relay and no luck with that and now today its started messing with the wipers and...
  6. DeeKay86

    Studio Lighting - Help?

    Hello everyone!! I'm moving soon, and will finally have a space for a "YouTube Studio". Which means I need some studio lighting. Been looking at these kits that have 4 fluorescent bulbs in a soft box, you get the stand etc and everything you need for around £90. Budget is around £100 and in...