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  1. estiaeye

    Random Car Photography Collection

    I'll start this thread with a small collection of Pictures I took. Processed using Lightroom and Photoshop to get a certain look I like. I will keep Posting pictures here in future. Pictures taken using Canon DSLR. Enjoy!
  2. estiaeye

    Few shots from Seelisberg Switzerland

    Few shots from the top of Seelisberg Switzerland as we actually did a shooting for merchandise. We as the "new young" generation are trying to step up our Instagram game for Renault Club Switzerland. If you guys d'like to support us... IG:
  3. mattf4r

    Dusting off the camera (sort of) - Cup content!

    I'm a 'Professional' photographer (aka photography pays my bills) and I used to be mega into shooting cars but it's been about 12 months since I've got stuck in and took any car photos. Real life took over and I shoot other stuff to make a living but just had an urge after cleaning the cup...